New videos: Q&A with Prof Randi Hagerman

In August and September 2018, we hosted a series of presentations by Professor Randi Hagerman, Medical Director of the MIND Institute of UC Davis, California.

LECTURES:  Dr Hagerman’s lectures were videod and will be available on our youtube channel soon.

Q&A VIDEOS: Dr Hagerman was also filmed for a series of short Q&A videos on topics related to Fragile X. All available on  our youtube channel.

1. Living with Fragile X syndrome  is the first video in the series and covers dealing with diagnosis, treatments for Fragile X syndrome, school, puberty, and living independently.

2. Health issues for carriers of the Fragile X premutation (Carrier health: part 1).
There are a variety of health issues premutation carriers can experience, and which are much more common than FXPOI or FXTAS.  They include anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, and pain problems such as migraine and fibromyalgia.  Dr Hagerman talks about the need to recognise these health problems – with their new name FXAND –  so that doctors understand their association with the premutation and that they require treatment.

3. Health and wellness for carriers of the Fragile X premutation (Carrier health: part 2)
Strategies for maintaining health and wellness.  What to avoid, and what to focus on.

4.  Targetted treatments in Fragile X syndrome (Part 1)
Prof Randi Hagerman talks about some of the targetted treatments for Fragile X syndrome, including SSRIs and metformin. (In Pt 2 Dr Hagerman will talk about new treatments being studied in clinical controlled trials.)

Videos 5-6 will be posted from 24 October 2018


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