Back to school! Guides & tips on the FX learning style and supports

Back to school for 2018!
Children with Fragile X syndrome have a unique learning style, and may face particular challenges in learning, and in the classroom.
A range of resources will be helpful for teachers in the classroom and for parents and carers at home.
Intro Guide Educational Needs_FX Society UK

FX: Introductory Guide to Educational Needs This booklet was produced by the Fragile X Society in the UK. It has a range of tips and strategies for teachers and parents, and focusses on both the learning characteristics and the support needs of children with Fragile X syndrome.
PRINT copies available from Fragile X Association of Australia.  $10 each, including postage & GST.
To order: call 1300 394 636 or email:
NE at  Issuu


Top Ten Things a Teacher Should Know About Fragile X syndrome
The #1 thing teachers should know about students with FXS is that they are prone to hyperarousal and anxiety.

This list of top tips will help bring out the strengths of each child and minimize or improve some of their struggles they may encounter.   It’s a handy 1-pager was produced by the National Fragile X Foundation, written by Laurie Yankowitz, who has more than 30 years’ experience working with families of individuals with developmental disabilities.
READ OR DOWNLOAD : Top 10 Things a Teacher Should Know About FXS_from NFXF




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