Women’s Health and the Fragile X Premutation

Some carriers of Fragile X may experience health issues, including  early menopause (FXPOI)

This booklet is designed to encourage women who are Fragile X premutation carriers to take control of their own health and to pass on this information to their families and if needed, health care professionals.

Based on current research, it covers topics such as the pattern of Fragile X inheritance in families, the importance of knowing your Fragile X status and CGG repeat count. It also covers FXPOI, FXTAS and some information on family planning.

FXAA would like to thank A/Prof Graves Allen and Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, for making this resource available to us.

To read the booklet online: 


To download or print:    FINAL PM materials 12.13.15 short

Printed copies of the booklet are also available from the Fragile X Association:  email support@fragielx.org.au or call 1300 394 636

Attribution: Produced by Emory University Department of Health Genetics, through funding from the National Fragile X Foundation (US) and the Fragile X Associate of Georgia.

Many thanks to Emory University for permission to to make this booklet available via Fragile X Association of Australia.






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