Understanding Fragile X – the new DVD

With the generous support of the St George Foundation and Genea – World Leaders in Fertility and the expertise of VIVA Communications, the Association has professionally produced a DVD titled Understanding Fragile X.

Running for just under 29 minutes it is a wonderful resource to help those affected, especially newly diagnosed families with young children, to understand the syndrome, its implications, what they can possibly expect in the future, and what help is available to them. It also informs and educates medical and education professionals on how best to facilitate the treatment of FXS and where to go for more information.

Thank you to those families who feature in the DVD and who share their stories and insights into life with Fragile X and to the medical and health professionals who provide valuable information and advice.

The DVD also includes a short 3D animation that provides a simple and consise representation of the genetics of Fragile X. To view both or either please click on the links below.

Click here to view the complete Understanding Fragile X DVD.

Click here to view the 3D animation.

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One Response to Understanding Fragile X – the new DVD

  1. Sue says:

    Excellent videos and animation. Fragile X is explained in clear, easy to understand terms by experts; medical professionals and parents. I wish that I had had access to such a resource when my son was diagnosed with Fragile X 19 years ago. Well done Fragile X Australia for this valuable addition to the information and support you provide.

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