Clinical Trials

New clinical trial in Australia – a skin gel for the treatment of symptoms of Fragile X syndrome in people aged 8-17 years old. 3 trial sites in Australia

For further information:
Melbourne: Fragile X Alliance clinic (Dr Jonathan Cohen), contact Melanie van Buuren on (03) 9528 1910.
Brisbane: Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital. (Dr Honey Heussler), contact (07) 3068 1111 or email

Sydney:  Westmead Children’s Hospital Child Development Unit (Dr Natalie Silove) 02 9845 2829

Current at 27 April 2017


This is an exciting time for research in the Fragile X field. Many studies utilising breakthroughs from the past ten years are now in human trials. Improvements in treatments for FXTAS and FXPOI are also being researched.

We provide information on new research and clinical trials to members of the Association through our quarterly newsletter and there are some links to research specific sites below:


The Fragile X Association of Australia strongly supports fragile X genetic testing and screening for families for the purpose of identifying people:

  • with fragile x genetic related disorders:
  • at risk of developing fragile x related disorders,  and/or
  • at risk of having a child with a fragile x related disorder.

Testing and screening approaches should be based on comprehensive research and families provided with appropriate counselling and clinical management.