New Videos! Dr Marcia Braden on Daily Living Skills and Supporting Learning

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Dr Jonathan Cohen, Dr Marcia Braden

In November 2017, Dr Marcia Braden, eduational psychologist, was in Australia as a guest of Fragile X Association, to run some clinic assessments for children with Fragile X and present at two workshops.  The workshops, in Brisbane and Hobart, were part-sponsored by Chorus Call Australia and the Calvary Hospital Foundation.

Watch the videos of the presentations by Dr Braden, Dr Jonathan Cohen, and other speakers on our youtube channel

  • Daily Living Strategies and Successful Supports for Children and Adults with Fragile X – by Dr Marcia Braden
  • Supporting the Fragile X Learning Style:  Strategies for Success – by Dr Marcia Braden
  • Fragile X: an Update and Overview – by Dr Jonathan Cohen
  • Getting the Best Outcome for Communication – Supporting Language Development – by Melinda Cassells,

All on our youtube channel:





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