Free one day Seminar in Perth, WA on 27th April 2012

The Fragile X Association of Australia has arranged for experts from the Fragile X Alliance to present an overview of Fragile X syndrome for health professionals, educators and families.

Learn more about Fragile X syndrome and update yourself on the latest about this important cause of developmental disabilities, ADHD and ASD. The speakers are recognised experts in their field and will cover a wide range of management strategies relevant to developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders.

Perth Flyer

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6 Responses to Free one day Seminar in Perth, WA on 27th April 2012

  1. Andrea says:

    I would like to know more about the seminar on the 27th April

  2. Jazmine Phillips says:

    Are there any seminars or talks in Melbourne?

  3. Deborah Morgan says:

    Hello,would it be possible to attend the seminar if i’m not a Australian citizen.I am travelling to Perth to look for sponership or a offshore working visa,My line of welfare worker i do in the UK specialise with clients with fragilex.In the UK i have worker with a family of 3 from same family with fragile x for many years.

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