Counselling at Fragile X Association

The Fragile X Association is now offering counselling to those affected by fragile X and their supporters. Our Counsellor, Janie Roberts has a postgraduate diploma in counselling and psychotherapy.


The counselling service is free and is dependent on your  individual need so can either be offered on a one off basis or for the longer term.

Counselling – how may it help?

Sometimes people are reluctant to ‘burden’ their friends and relatives with their problems and can benefit from sharing them with a caring and empathic professional. This can reduce the sense of isolation, relieve some of the stress and strengthen the ability to cope. Families have also found it helpful to have an unbiased, gentle person to mediate in tricky areas or to assist in working out and facilitating family goals.

Most people feel at least slightly nervous when they initially attend a counselling session as they may not know what to expect. They may also feel that there is something really wrong with them in order to need counselling. This is not the case as we all need help at times and we also need to be understood and cherished in order to feel ok with ourselves. The counselling relationship offers this through unconditional, empathic and non-judgmental support. Counselling can be offered over the phone, via email or face to face in the Manly office. We are also able to visit individuals and families in their homes in the Sydney region.

What people have said about counselling sessions with Janie:

“I realised that I was talking to a professional, a person that I didn’t have to pretend to and someone who I didn’t feel guilty moaning and groaning to ….I am reminded of my skills and abilities and have a different outlook on life. My sincere thanks to Janie, not only for her professional input but also on the lovely manner in which she conducted our sessions. They were and are most valued.”

“Janie assisted me with the fact that I was feeling like a failure and lost hope in my effectiveness as a carer and parent. She helped me address these issues and enlightened me about what she could see in me and the strength I had. I appreciated having someone to listen and understand my family and myself. She uplifted faith in myself and believed in me.”

“Janie – What I appreciate about you:
Honest – owns up, real – admits her weaknesses, relates and settles me, likeable, easy to love, personable, has the ability to pour water on a fire, kindness, gentleness, vulnerability – an honest, carefree attitude, humble.”
(A. P.)

You can contact Janie on (02) 9977 0074, 1300 394 636 or  by email 

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