Back to school! Guides & tips on the FX learning style and supports

Back to school for 2018! Children with Fragile X syndrome have a unique learning style, and may face particular challenges in learning. A range of resources will be helpful for teachers in the class room and for parents and carers at home. Intro Guide Educational Needs_FX Society UK

FX: Introductory Guide to Educational Needs This booklet was produced by the Fragile X Society in the UK. It has a range of tips and strategies for teachers and parents, and focusses on both the learning characteristics and the support needs of children with Fragile X syndrome. PRINT copies available from Fragile X Association of Australia.  $10 each, including postage & GST.  TO ORDER: call 1300 394 636 or email: ONLINE at  Issuu



Top Ten Things a Teacher Should Know About Fragile X syndrome
These ten things will help bring out the strengths of each child and minimize or improve some of their struggles they may encounter. The #1 thing teachers should know about students with FXS is that they are prone to hyperarousal and anxiety.
This handy 1-pager is on the website of the National Fragile X Foundation (US).




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